Personality Development Courses

Group discussion

  • Developing thought process
  • Detail study of techniques of GD
  • Learning effective communication
  • Dealing negative situations with positivity
  • Creative word expressions to make initiations
  • Effective summarization to build points
  • Usage of proper transition while ongoing GD
  • Enhancing listening skills
  • Ways of counter attacking
  • Building confidence and spontaneity

Personality development

  • Effective Flow of communication
  • Growth of behavioral attitude (control over negative emotions)
  • Familiarization to own self and self improvisation
  • Building leadership skills and team work
  • Critical thinking to manage time and stress
  • Transformation to a better self
  • Practical approach of learning by handling real time situations
  • Emotional intelligence and social consciousness
  • Etiquettes for work and local culture sensitivity

Interview and Employability Skills

Express to impress

  • Improvisation in about “myself’
  • Interview preparation steps and tips
  • Developing effective answers
  • Building up resume
  • Preparing your route to online job portals
  • Developing non verbal skills
  • Mock interview sessions with review reports